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We help our customer choice the right manufactory based on GMP Compliance Guideline, Kosher Certification and we take full responsibility for quality.

GMP Compliance Guideline

QC System:

Kosher Certification:
More than 80% of our Manufactories are Kosher Certificated.

Dangerous Trace Substance Control:

We help our customer test Dangerous Trace Substance in China and provide complete testing results:
l Pesticide: Based on FDA"PAM 303(MODIFIED)":
Pesticide List
1. Pentachlorobenzene
2. Tecnazene
3. Tetrachloroaniline
4. Alpha-BHC
5. HCB
6. Beta-BHC
7. Gamma-BHC
9. Delta-BHC
10. Pentachloroaniline
12. O, P, DDT
13. P, P, DDT
14. Dieldrin
15. Folpet
16. P, P, DDE
17. DCPA
18. Procymidone
Microbiology :
1. Total plate count
2. Yeast &Mold
3. E.coli
4. Salmonella
5. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
6. Staphylococcus aureus
Heavy Metals :
1. As
2. Cd
3. Hg
4. Pb

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